Ondanks de maatregelen vanwege het coronavirus proberen wij u zo goed mogelijk van dienst te zijn. De milieustraat is open zonder afspraak, wel gelden aanvullende maatregelen. Op het gemeentehuis kunt u alleen langskomen op afspraak.

Statement mayor Roger de Groot

17 October 2019 - We and the residents of Ruinerwold are wondering how this could have happened here, in such a small community. There are so many questions about this extraordinary situation that became world news.

You can imagine the impact on this village. Tuesday evening we met a large number of local residents and talked about the situation. That was very meaningful.

The Police and the Public Prosecution Service are investigating the matter thoroughly in order to be able to answer as many questions as possible. That is in good cooperation with the municipality.

Our attention is now primarily focused on the care of the residents of Ruinerwold. The residents of Ruinerwold and the municipality of De Wolden would like to know if the family is doing well. The family is housed in a place where they are well cared for. That’s reassuring.

Contact met de gemeente

Door de maatregelen vanwege het coronavirus kunnen wij u helaas alleen op afspraak op het gemeentehuis ontvangen. 

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